Top 5 Fall Favorites with Watercress

Besides being the most nutrient-dense food on the planet and its distinctive peppery flavor, a big appeal to watercress is its versatility. Watercress is used in a variety of dishes throughout different cultures around the world. Whether it’s a soup, salad, sandwich, or stir fry, adding watercress to any dish amplifies the flavor and health benefits, no matter the season.

But for this season, we’ve picked our top 5 favorite recipes for Fall:

Watercress and Apple Galette with Caramel Apples and Whipped Yogurt recipe

Watercress & Apple Galette
As the holiday season approaches, our teeth start to get a little bit sweeter. The sweetness that comes from this recipe’s apples and caramel compliments watercress’s peppery kick perfectly in this crowd-pleasing dessert.

Flavor: 8/10 | Ease to Make: 7/10

Soup recipes with watercress

Chili with Watercress
Nothing says cozy like chili! The peppery zest of watercress really amps up the flavor in this delicious chili recipe while retaining the majority of the nutrients from the world’s most nutrient-dense vegetable.

Flavor: 10/10 | Ease to Make: 10/10

Cheeseburger with Watercress
A cheeseburger may not come to mind when you think “Fall,” but it does when you think “football.” Watercress’s delicate crunch adds the right amount of crispiness to any burger – bring this mouth-watering recipe to your next tailgate! And see more of our Tailgating Recipes and Tips.

Flavor: 8/10 | Ease to Make: 8/10

Watercress Stuffed Mushrooms
As we come together with friends and family, these bite-size finger foods are a flavorful addition to any gathering.

Flavor 8/10 | Ease to Make 7/10

Watercress & Shrimp Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
When the leaves start to change, we crave nothing more than warm, comfort food, and this healthy spin on mac and cheese will have you going for seconds guilt-free.

Flavor: 10/10 | Ease to Make: 8/10

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