At B&W, We Set High Standards

Commitment to Quality

With attention to detail from the ground to your plate, B&W Quality Growers are obsessed with preserving the inherent natural flavor, freshness, and quality of just-picked produce. Our strict quality control procedures have given us a strong track record of success, and in our over 150 years of farming, we’ve had ZERO product recalls.

Everything we do is tailored to meet the unique requirements of specialty leaves, from maintaining sophisticated pre- and post-harvest protocols to implementing comprehensive food safety systems to utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

We harvest for a whole leaf cut on our baby arugula and more leaf for our watercress. And we do not simply dry our products we use special air tunnel driers that are so gentle they eliminate almost 100% of post-harvest bruising. All of our products are 100% natural and packed without additives and preservatives.

When it comes to growing specialty greens, we are simply the best. There is no one in the world with our depth of experience, range of seasonal farms, and a number of proprietary varieties. We think Mother Nature would be proud.

Our Food Safety Program

When your products are enjoyed by consumers worldwide and sold by the most reputable names in retail and food service, your standards for food safety must be world-class. That is why the industry’s most stringent food safety protocol governs every aspect of our farming and packing operations.

The food safety program at B&W Quality Growers represents decades of research, reflects the best thinking of both internal and external experts, and is continuously reviewed and upgraded to establish next-level best practices.

B&W utilizes iFoods and Famous technology to trace finished products to specific fields and processing lines. We also have a robust Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) managed through NeoGen Analytics software.

Along with our stringent technology, we carry the following audits, accreditation, and certifications:

  • HACCP Certified
  • Preventive Controls program with over a dozen PCQI-certified employees from Quality, Production, and Farm operations.
  • Scored a 100% on our last 4 third-party Global GAP audits.
  • Full compliance with state AG inspections with no noted nonconformances.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency certified.

All aspects of the B&W Food Safety program, including our farms, packing facilities, harvest practices, food safety, and security policies and procedures, and certification requirements are routinely audited by accredited third-party auditors to ensure ongoing compliance. In addition, we provide our employees with continuing education related to our food safety program and federal, state, and local food safety regulations.

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