Look for the B&W brand!

B&W Quality Growers takes the guesswork out of selecting, storing, and preparing all your leafy greens, including water spinach.

Enjoying water spinach’s delicious taste is easy. We do the work, so you don’t have to! B&W water spinach is conveniently packed to preserve freshness and flavor and is available year-round in various size packs for your convenience.


Fresh water spinach enjoys a cool environment and should be stored at 45 degrees, refrigerating immediately. It’s best to keep water spinach dry and should last about a week, but you’ll most likely eat it all up before then!

How to Select and Prepare WATEr SPINACH

Preparing water spinach for cooking involves a few simple steps to ensure it’s clean and ready to be cooked to your liking. Here’s how you should select and prepare it:

Wash Thoroughly: Rinse the leaves and stems under cold running water.

Chop: Trim the end of the of the stems and discard. The remaining stems are long, and be can cut into shorter pieces, typically around 2 inches long. The leaves can be left whole, or if you prefer them to be exceptionally large, you can cut them in half to make them easier to eat.

Separate Stems and Leaves: Since the stems and leaves have different cooking times, with stems taking longer to cook, it’s often helpful to separate them. You can start cooking the stems first and add the leaves later in the cooking process.

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