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Let’s face it – some greens are just more interesting than others. Nutty and peppery, arugula is a leafy green that packs a nutritional punch without skimping on flavor. Making appearances throughout history in works of literature and perennially popular in Italy, this salad superstar has been kicking things up a notch for a long time and goes by many names, including rugula, rucola, roquette, and rocket.



A Nutritional Powerhouse

Arugula contains essential nutrients that help improve and maintain your health. It is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, and K and is a good source of calcium…all delivered in only 21 delicious calories per serving. No wonder arugula should have a permanent place in your weekly meal plan, recipes, and menus.

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The perfect combination of flavor, consistency, and heartiness.
We searched the world over to find the perfect variety of arugula…one that would deliver high impact taste and hold up to even the heaviest dressings and sauces. What we found and use exclusively: wild roquette baby arugula. It’s known for its pungent, woodsy, nutty aromatic flavor and its fibrous leaf structure stays fresh longer and holds up to vinegar-based dressings and creamy sauces.

B&W Baby Arugula makes a perfect salad, either by itself or as a complement to milder greens like Bibb or Boston lettuce in a big heart-healthy salad. It’s also great on sandwiches or sautéed as a side dish. See other delicious ways to enjoy arugula here.

All B&W Baby Arugula is carefully harvested to deliver a whole leaf cut, triple washed, gently air-tunnel dried and packed to preserve freshness and flavor and reduce spoilage. It’s 100% usable and ready to eat.  

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Baby Arugula
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Baby Arugula
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