Look for the B&W brand!

B&W Quality Growers takes the guesswork out of choosing, storing, and preparing fresh arugula, so enjoying its delicious taste is easy. We do the work so you don’t have to! B&W baby arugula is triple-washed, gently air-tunnel dried, and conveniently packed to preserve freshness and flavor. It’s always table- or recipe-ready.

How to Choose Arugula

Fresh arugula has long, firm, bright green leaves. Larger leaves are more peppery than small ones.

How to Store Arugula

Because B&W arugula is triple washed, air-tunnel dried, and conveniently packed in breathable packaging specifically designed to preserve freshness and flavor, simply toss the bag into the refrigerator vegetable or crisper drawer. No additional storage prep is needed.

Fresh arugula should last about a week, but you’ll most likely eat it all up before then!

How to Prepare Arugula

There are different variations of cooking arugula and using it in meals, whether the leafy green is used in a refreshing salad to enhance its natural flavors or incorporated into an entrée to provide a peppery kick.

Two basic ways you can cook arugula are by steaming it in a saucepan or sautéing it in a skillet, drizzling it with olive oil, and finishing it off with a touch of salt for a flavorful side dish. Other methods include wilting the flavorful leaves in a pot of hot pasta to add texture and a tasty kick, substituting arugula for basil in pesto sauce, and adding it to sandwiches for an extra boost of flavor.

Need some ideas? Read up on various arugula side dishes, salads, and sandwiches in our recipe section.

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