Keep Your Balance with Leafy Greens

Balance is the word for 2019. You may have noticed the shift from resolutions to intentions. People are turning away from radical changes to small steps that are balanced and sustainable. To kick off the year, James Beard Award winning chef and B&W Quality Growers Advisor Ming Tsai visited the Balancing Act to share some of the ways he keeps his yin and yang in harmony.

If you are trying to eat a little healthier, you don’t have to overhaul your diet. In fact, don’t even think of it as a diet, but little changes you can make to your daily routine. Enter leafy greens. Watercress, arugula, baby spinach and red kale. They each are packed with nutrients, and together form the mighty power 4 blend. The good news is they go great with foods you probably already enjoy.

Chef Ming showed viewers how to prepare his Chicken power 4 Stir Fry and Creamless Watercress Soup with Honey-Apple Salsa. He also showed off a wide variety of dishes that deliver nutrients without sacrificing deliciousness. Watercress in drinks? You bet! Whether you want to start your day with a Watercress Pineapple Smoothie, or end it with a Miami Vintage Cocktail, you can drink your greens. Want to spread the health? Offer guests Watercress and Caramelized Onion Crostini at your next gathering.

Little changes can add up to big improvements in your health and wellbeing, especially when adding leafy greens to your meal plan. Get a bunch (or bag) to have on hand to add to your next smoothie, omelet or stir fry. It is easy, and your future self will thank you for it.


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