Pork Belly and Egg Sandwich

Garlic Mayonnaise
Pork Belly And Egg Sandwich

Garlic Mayonnaise

  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until fully incorporated

 Pork Belly Egg Sandwich

  1. Toast the pieces of Texas toast and reserve for later use
  2. Sautee the pork belly in a pan until crispy on both sides, drizzle with the maple syrup and cook for 2 more minutes until the pork is glazed
  3. Arrange the pork on 2 pieces of the toast
  4. Cook 2 eggs sunny side up and place an egg on top of each sandwich
  5. Pile the watercress on top of the egg
  6. Smear the garlic mayonnaise on the top piece of bread for each sandwich and place on top of the sandwich

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