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Here at B&W, we like to add pops of color and flavor to our holiday dishes. While Thanksgiving’s color scheme is typically brown, red, burnt orange, and white, we believe it needs a touch of vibrant green, aka watercress!

We’re serving up a few watercress dishes to complement your Thanksgiving menu. Whether you’re a chef, amateur cook or consumer, these recipes are easy to prepare, beautiful to display and even tastier when enjoyed.

Start with a fruit & nut salad. This Watercress Salad with Honey Sauteed Apples and Almonds is always a crowd pleaser. Once you’ve enjoyed this palate-cleansing salad option, and feel ready for the main course, look around the table for a watercress-enhanced potato recipe. Warm Potato Salad with Watercress Mayo and Bacon – delish!

Watercress Salad

While our website offers more recipe inspiration for your Thanksgiving menus, don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Watercress is extremely versatile, adds a peppery flavor to any dish and can be used as both a garnish, spice and even as a main course. For example, try kicking up your stuffing this year by chopping up watercress to include.

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