Fall Favorites – Soups & Stews

Cozy up to fall with a few tasty, nutrient-dense soups and stews that feature our favorite green – watercress!

If you haven’t already tried incorporating this peppery leaf into a variety of soups, stews and slow cook dishes, now is the perfect time as we head into colder weather months. As the healthiest leafy green on the planet, watercress packs a punch of flavor that complements countless flavor combos.

The next time you are on the hunt for the perfect soup, pop over to our recipe page for some inspiration.

A few soups we’re loving this season include:

Watercress soup – This recipe keeps ingredients simple, by letting the watercress speak for itself. Enjoy the peppery hints of watercress while staying warm this fall.

Watercress & Chicken soup – Add a bit of protein to your next soup with this hearty watercress and chicken soup. There’s nothing like a bowl of homemade soup for warmth and comfort. Flavored with the sharp, spicy tang of ginger and hints of lemon, this soup provides a powerful flavor profile.

Watercress & Shrimp Wontons in a Ginger Broth – Switch things up this season by adding shrimp wontons to your soup recipe.

Watercress & Avocado soup – When the weather is a bit too warm, sip on earth’s bounty in a chilled soup! A creamy watercress and avocado soup with a hint of spice is a delicious way to enjoy a dose of vegetables and fruit.

For more fall-inspired recipes, head over to our recipe library.


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