Low on Lettuce? Try Watercress!

Between August and December of 2022, the average cost of lettuce increased by 26%, making it one of the higher increases in grocery items during that time. And, with a recent decrease in inventory caused by an insect-borne virus that affected 80% of lettuce crops in February 2023, a lettuce shortage in stores and restaurants is likely to keep the cost of lettuce up.

Luckily, watercress provides a healthier, more flavorful substitute and comes in abundance due to its rapid harvest cycle and that it can be harvested year-round. Scoring a perfect 1000 on the ANDI Index, watercress is the most nutrient-dense food in the world, providing 28 essential vitamins in a serving.

Not only is watercress a healthier replacement for lettuce, but it’s also starting to trend for its distinctive flavor and delicate crunch. The peppery kick watercress adds to any dish is why Rachael Ray pairs it with her Smoky Salmon and Bacon-Corn Couscous, and its versatility is why Martha Stewart has 23 Watercress Recipes She’s Wild About.

Get more bang for your buck and consider watercress as a lettuce alternative for your next sandwich or salad! Check out all of the recipes from B&W for inspiration.

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