Get Rich with Watercress

We’re celebrating the year of the pig, and with the year of the rat on deck in 2020, we’re all in this year. The Lunar New Year brings lots of rich traditions, not the least of which is food. It also brings many superstitions around food, colors and numbers. Three foods often consumed during the two week celebration that promote wealth and prosperity in the year ahead are dumplings, spring rolls and fish. Good news, we have you covered. Maybe next year we’ll break out the pizza recipes.

Spring, Summer, what’s the difference. We have rolls! These Summer Rolls with Watercress, Mango and Mint from An Edible Mosaic are great for entertaining any time of year. Make the Sesame-Garlic-Ginger Dipping Sauce to kick up the flavor for your Lunar celebration.

Watercress and Pork Potstickers may not guarantee wealth, but they can guarantee deliciousness. The wrappers are simple to make, or you can purchase them at the store. With a pork filling, they should be extra lucky in 2019.

Our Watercress Pesto from Chef Ming Tsai plays well with a variety of fish. Here it is served with halibut, but you can substitute any firm, flatfish fillet. The pesto offers a pleasant peppery partner for your pescatarian meal.

Enjoy the festivities, or simply hedge your bets for riches with some good luck foods. The watercress is guaranteed to bring you luck with your health.


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