Dropping Weight with Watercress

Just in time for warmer weather, Reader’s Digest offers up the ultimate shopping checklist to lose weight. Topping the list—watercress. We know about watercress’s powerhouse properties in the CDC’s nutrient-density approach to measuring powerhouse fruits and vegetables (PFV).

While a simple watercress salad can start you on the right path, you can increase the impact of RD’s shopping list by combining watercress with other recommended foods. Blend Greek yogurt, fruit, and almond milk with watercress in Chef Ming’s Pineapple Watercress Smoothie. Rather than buying canned soup, make this delicious and nutrient-packed Gingered Watercress Chicken Soup. Fresh fish is a popular choice for diet-minded individuals, and this Watercress Pesto can add a flavorful sauce to serve alongside.

Dieting doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor, and watercress is a delicious way to eat better. We have plenty of watercress recipes to keep you on track for a healthier diet. Learn about all the watercress benefits and more on the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index to keep your meals healthy and delicious.


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