Boost Athletic Performance with Watercress

Do you know the impressive benefits of consuming watercress – especially if you are an athlete in training?

Whether running, jumping, or swimming, athletes (and everyone!) to keep a healthy nutrition regimen to reach peak performance on and off the field. The ability to train efficiently as possible leans heavily on the foods you’re putting into your body, so it’s crucial to be mindful of what you are eating and adjust your diet accordingly to maximize results.

If you’re looking to up your game in the gym, fuel up with nutrient-dense foods like watercress and reap the benefits of the leafy green that will have you reach your personal goals.

Dr. Steven Rothwell, a B&W Quality Growers executive advisor, shares that watercress has been known to improve athletic ability naturally and has been proven to be more effective than beetroot juice, a popular drink among athletes known to boost exercise performance. Not only will consuming watercress improve blood flow and help lower blood pressure, but this powerhouse green will enhance nitric oxide during exercise, helping to relax blood vessels and deliver a more efficient dose of oxygen and nutrients that help build muscles.

So the next time you want to work towards your new athletic goals, stay true to wholesome superfoods and consider incorporating watercress into your daily routine for a natural boost.

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