Our Team

Dr. Steven Rothwell

Executive Advisor

Dr. Rothwell has a 30-plus year career in the watercress and baby leaf business and is a leading expert in this field. Dr. Rothwell has his PhD in nutritional and environmental physiology of watercress. He joined Vitacress in 1983 and remained with the company until his retirement in May of 2014. Dr. Rothwell was actively involved in all facets of the business and helped grow the company from $3 million to $50 million in sales. He has been actively involved in over 20 research programs centered on crop sustainability, food safety, and the nutritional value of watercress, including anticancer properties. Dr. Rothwell sits on numerous boards, including University of Southampton Biological Sciences external advisory board, Vice Chair of NFU Watercress Growers Association, and Technical Advisory Panel to Conservation Grade Farming. He has published numerous articles on watercress and appeared in several interviews on the BBC.