Watercress and Pink Grapefruit Sumac Vinaigrette


To make dressing

Using small, sharp knife, slice tops and bottoms off grapefruits, remove skin, and remove grapefruit segments over small bowl. Strain remaining juice from grapefruit membrane into small saucepan (will need approximately 1¼ grapefruit juice). In small saucepan, combine grapefruit juice, sugar and chili flakes, and bring to boil. Reduce heat ,and simmer until sauce thickens. Set aside. Whisk in olive oil, lemon juice, sumac and salt.

To assemble the salad

Put grapefruit segments, fennel, endive, watercress and basil into large bowl. Pour over half the dressing, gently toss, and then arrange salad on large platter.


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