B&W Quality Growers Adds Water Spinach

B&W Quality Growers (B&W) is proud to announce it now grows water spinach in addition to its watercress, arugula, kale, and spinach. Water spinach is a semi-aquatic, tropical plant grown as a vegetable for its tender shoots.

The distinctive crunch of its thick, crisp stems is what gives water spinach its appeal in dishes like stir-fries and stews, but an added benefit is that it’s an exceptional source of Vitamin A, which aids in normal vision, the immune system, reproduction, and growth and development. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C, Iron, and Magnesium.

Widely cultivated in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia, B&W is fully commercially permitted and licensed to grow and ship water spinach in the USA. After extensive research, B&W has perfected the best practices for growing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping the delicate crop in just two short years, allowing crop production to expand in Florida and California by the end of the summer.

Like all B&W’s healthy, flavorful leaves, water spinach is packed for maximum freshness and is non-GMO. All the B&W leafy greens, including water spinach, meet robust food safety and quality control requirements, offer an uninterrupted year-round supply from the USA, and are fully traceable.

B&W Quality Growers’ mission is to sustainably grow, pack, and ship the highest quality distinctive leafy greens, that now include water spinach. For more information about B&W Quality Growers, where to purchase its products, and healthy and flavorful recipes, visit bwqualitygrowers.com.

About B&W Quality Growers

B&W Quality Growers has been farming responsibly since 1870. We’re among the largest growers of distinctive leafy greens, including watercress, arugula, spinach, and ong choy. We sustainably grow, pack, and ship the highest quality distinctive leafy greens, providing well-being for our consumers and value for our customers. We’ve done this with zero product recalls and aim to provide a healthier, more flavorful world using premium leaves in everyday recipes, and follow B&W on our social media pages.

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Author: Ruth Bozeman has over 20 years in the marketing and health and fitness industries with a proven track record of trust and innovation.


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