The Rise of Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is captivating the taste buds and hearts of people all around the world. The diverse and vibrant flavors, unique cooking techniques, and combination of colorful ingredients are giving chefs inspiration to create unforgettable dining experiences in 2024. According to Yelp’s 2024 Top 100 Places to Eat in the United States, one-quarter of the independent restaurants on the list serve Asian, Asian fusion or Southeast Asian cuisine.

Asian ingredients have seen a purchasing surge in 2024, increasing 20% over the previous year. One of the key factors driving the popularity of Asian cuisine is the increasing awareness and appreciation for authentic ethnic flavors. With a myriad of flavor and texture elements, Asian fusion cuisine offers chefs a canvas for creativity to create memorable dishes with new and exciting flavor combinations, while food enthusiasts celebrate the diversity and cross-cultural exchange.

The popularity of Asian cuisine shows no signs of slowing down in 2024. Here are the trends we’re seeing in Asian cuisine this year:


Ramen, a traditional Japanese soup, continues to be a booming trend and global sensation. Becoming increasingly popular is chilled ramen, a variation of the noodles that is served cold instead of hot. Whether chilled or warmed, the appeal of ramen lies in its versatility to be customized between the noodle base, broth, and vegetable and protein toppings. The culinary freedom in creating ramen dishes is likely why Yelp’s Top 100 U.S. Restaurants in 2024 emphasizes the desire for noodles, highlighting numerous restaurants specializing in noodle soup. We recommend topping these noodles with watercress or water spinach to add tremendous flavor and nutrients.


The rise in demand for healthier dining options has also propelled the popularity of Asian cuisine, as the dominating Asian diet is vegan. Many Asian dishes are known for their emphasis on fresh and wholesome ingredients, and plant-based is quickly rising to the top of the list. Based on Thomas’s 2024 food trend prediction, we can anticipate seeing even more vegan alternatives like vegan eggs and fish.

With its irresistible flavors, health-conscious appeal, cultural authenticity, and widespread accessibility, Asian cuisine continues to delight and captivate food enthusiasts worldwide, cementing its place as a culinary wonder that is here to stay.

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