B&W Quality Growers’ own Todd Gosule shares B&W’s story on “The Jim Colbert Show”

In this insightful and entertaining conversation, Todd Gosule, B&W’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, shares a lot of intriguing and educational information about B&W’s history and their watercress legacy. Listen in for some fun factoids as Todd and Jim share some laughs and tout knowledge about baby leaves and their distinctive tastes, uses and health benefits.

In this interview you will uncover unique ways to use B&W products in a variety of dishes that are not only inventive, but very nutritious, too.  As a leading team member of the largest grower of watercress, Todd has great insights into the many attributes that set B&W’s greens apart from the rest, especially when it comes to watercress.

Listen to the entire interview here:


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