Consuming Red Watercress Can Improve Heart Health

February is the month of love, and we love to talk about the health benefits our exclusively grown red watercress has for your heart! There’s so much more to red watercress than its gorgeous color, peppery taste, and crunch – it’s packed with over 50 essential nutrients to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

The consumption of red watercress has been linked to lowering blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease, as well as lowering risks of heart attacks and strokes, due to its abundance of antioxidants. One of these crucial vitamins is Vitamin K, which plays a key role in helping blood clots and preventing excessive bleeding, leading back to having a healthy heart. Just one cup of watercress (34 grams) provides over 100% of the Reference Daily Intake for Vitamin K!

Early studies also show that red watercress may help lower your cholesterol from being rich in potassium, which helps your body regulate its heartbeat, salt levels, and blood pressure.

As the largest grower of watercress in the world, B&W Quality Growers has made it our mission to grow the best baby leaves since 1870, and our Red Watercress fits the bill. To learn more about the health benefits of watercress and other greens such as arugula, kale, spinach, and water spinach, follow us on social media and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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