It’s Officially Pumpkin Season

PSL season has arrived, and here at B&W Quality Growers, you know we are going to jump on that flavor train to see how we can pair our favorite leafy greens with this fall favorite.

Pumpkin is everywhere and shows up in the most unusual formats, so we wanted to challenge those who love the flavor with a unique way to enjoy it with watercress.

Enter Pumpkin & Watercress Gnocchi!

This distinctive Italian dumpling dish melds together pumpkin and the peppery bite of watercress for an unexpected savory meal. Topped with a simple garlic, watercress, and olive oil dressing, this dish will transform you into a field of fallen leaves. Try the recipe out yourself, and let us know what you think!


Ingredient Assembly:

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Keep your eye out for the B&W brand. For over 150 years, we’ve specialized in watercress, with a singular focus on quality. Since 1870, our varieties have been selected for superior flavor and consistent appearance. Plus, our watercress is available to you year-round, thanks to our sustainable farming operations spanning over eight states.

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