Let’s Talk About Sustainability

At B&W Quality Growers, we embody the truest testament to sustainability of all… the test of time. Caring for the land and people we depend on is at the core of what we do every day.

How Do We Stay Committed To Sustainability?

Environmental Stewardship: The quality of our leafy greens starts with rich soil and clean, cold water. With farming operations spanning eight states, we can grow products where they’re always in season while simultaneously giving our farms the ability to recharge naturally in a seasonal rotation.

Read more about our smart farming techniques and how they promote sustainability.

Employee Engagement: Our team behind the magic of growing baby leaves consists of highly skilled and well-trained employees. Click to see the smiling faces of those that thrive in our values-based, performance-driven culture.

How Do We Go Above & Beyond On Quality & Food Safety?

Our Quality: We grow quality. Our attention to detail spans from the ground to your plate. We’re obsessed with preserving the inherent natural flavor, freshness, and quality of just-picked produce. In our opinion, Mother Nature would be proud of our efforts to grow specialty greens. Not convinced? Check out our expertise when it comes to product quality.

Our Food Safety Program: We strive to provide world-class food safety standards. In doing so, we ensure that our products are continually enjoyed by consumers worldwide and sold by large retail and food service establishments. B&W Quality Growers is GLOBAL G.A.P. certified –  learn more about what that means for our company and products.

B&W Quality Growers is here to provide you with the highest quality products.

Find more information about our sustainability efforts and how they impact the leaves you serve.

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