Mental Health Care Benefits Everyone

Americans are among the most stressed-out workers in the world with 83% of Americans reporting suffering from work-related stress, making work one of the top three stressors. Of that, only 43% think their employers care about their work-life balance. Companies that have incorporated mental health care into their benefit programs have seen positive impacts on their employees’ overall well-being and the holistic company environment.

In 2019, stress caused on average one million workers to miss work every day. Anxiety and depression can directly correlate with the amount of stress someone endures, and they can manifest physically by weakening the immune system. With employees becoming sick more easily and more often, absenteeism rates at work have increased. By designating time and resources for employees to tend to their mental health, employers have seen increased productivity and morale, and a decrease in burnout.

Companies that offer mental health care as a benefit or perk could also see a lower turnover rate. Employees who don’t feel like they’re thriving or engaged with their work had an annualized turnover rate of 24%, compared to 8% for employees who reported thriving and feeling engaged at work.

Ways to Incorporate Mental Health Care for Employees:

  1. Offer mental health coverage
  2. Host a lunch yoga or meditation
  3. Allow and encourage employees to take short walks on breaks
  4. Have healthy snacks stocked in the breakroom

At B&W, we care about improving health by growing the highest quality watercress, but we also care about the mental health of our employees, consumers, and customers.

If you’re looking for ways you or your company can incorporate mental health care or awareness into your work day, here are some resources:

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Author: Hailey Dolan is a marketing and communications professional with a passion for storytelling.


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