Dr. Watercress. Paging Dr. Watercress!

The doctor is in, and if you were wondering what’s up, it is the nutrient density of watercress. In fact, it is way up at the top of the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI), leaving Brussels sprouts in the dust. They may have made the top 10, but with less than half the nutritional punch.

It is no wonder watercress is a superfood. In fact, it may be our oldest superfood. We will let Dr. Steven Rothwell, B&W Executive Advisor and watercress whisperer, explain. He even has a PhD in watercress, so listen up class.

We’ll be sharing more from Dr. Rothwell throughout the year, including more on the history of watercress, and how people enjoyed it then and now. Stay tuned.


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