Creamy Watercress Poblano Enchiladas with Mushrooms by Ericka Sanchez

Hola!  My name is Ericka Sanchez.  Recipe developer, photographer and food stylist for the recipe websites Nibbles and Feasts and Delicious Mexican Recipes.  I am thrilled to be here and share some of the ways I incorporate B&G Quality Growers watercress in my recipes.

Watercress is a very popular green in central and northern Mexico where I’m from.  Because of its many nutritional benefits, it is valued as a medicinal plant as well as a source of food.  Watercress is usually prepared as a tea or chopped and dressed with lemon juice to promote cancer, renal, cardiovascular and thyroid health.

In Mexican cuisine, watercress can be enjoyed in juices, smoothies, soups, and in creams.  Its peppery flavor keeps this treasured green versatile and coveted among traditional, fusion and modern Mexican dishes.

I decided to give one of my favorite Mexican traditional dishes a watercress spin and prepare creamy watercress poblano enchiladas with mushrooms.  The peppery and smokey crema in this dish is what makes this dish so flavorful and full of spice.  These enchiladas are simple enough to prepare for a mid-week family dinner but so special, they can be served as a celebratory main dish for special occasions.


Serves 4

  1. Roast Poblano peppers over an open flame. Carefully turning with tongs to char all sides.  Remove from heat and steam in a plastic bag for 10 minutes.  Rub peppers with paper towel to remove most of the skin.  Remove stem, slice open and remove seeds and veins.
  2. Heat oil in a large saute pan over medium heat. Add 1/4 cup onion and cook for 1 minute.  Add water cress and cook for 5 minutes or until watercress is completely wilted and onion is tender.
  3. Transfer watercress/onion mixture to a blender container. Add Poblano peppers, cream, water and ½ teaspoon garlic salt.  Blend until smooth.  Set aside.
  4. Heat butter over medium heat in the same saute pan used for onion/watercress mixture. Add remaining onion and sautee for 2 minutes, add mushrooms, season with remaining ½ teaspoon garlic salt and pepper and cook for 5 minutes or until onions and mushrooms are tender.
  5. Heat skillet over medium heat. Warm tortillas one by one, filling them with 2 tablespoons each of mushroom/onion mixture and 2 tablespoons cheese. Roll and arrange in an ovenproof dish.
  6. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  7. Evenly pour creamy watercress sauce evenly over stuffed tortillas and top with cotija cheese, remaining Oaxaca cheese, jalapeño slices and a few watercress sprigs. Bake for 12 minutes or until cheese melts.

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