B&W Hosts Smoothie Challenge in Support of Family Reach Boston Marathon Runners

As an industry leader, B&W finds it incredibly important to set an example by supporting charitable causes. One of the most inspiring organizations that we partner with is Family Reach, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating the financial burden of cancer for patients and their families across the country.

This year we teamed up with Family Reach’s Boston Marathon team to support the members’ fundraising efforts. What better way to support and generate excitement for the marathon team than with a fun, delicious challenge?

B&W hosted a Smoothie Challenge that encouraged members of the Family Reach team to create unique and tasty recipes with just five simple ingredients. In order to qualify, runners needed to incorporate B&W greens into their recipes.

After taste testing a variety of smoothie concoctions, the Family Reach staff took an anonymous vote and named Team Western as the winner with their creation of the “Long Run’s Done, Time for Fun” smoothie. Team Western received $500 to go toward their fundraising efforts for Family Reach.

Check out the “Long Run’s Done, Time for Fun” smoothie below to try it in your own kitchen. Tag us in a social post to share your thoughts on how it tasted! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

“Long Run’s Done, Time for Fun” Smoothie Recipe

This winning smoothie is the perfect recovery drink full of flavor and health benefits. The dark sweet cherries aid in muscle recovery, bananas are full of potassium, almond butter has helpful fat and calories, Greek yogurt has protein and the B&W greens have fiber. Yum!

We hope all members of the Family Reach Boston Marathon Team had a healthy and successful run. We are thankful for all of their support!


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