Budget-friendly Produce: Watercress and Baby Arugula

With rows and rows of bagged leaves in the produce section, how do you decide which to purchase? If you don’t have an allegiance to any particular brand (hopefully that changes after reading this), chances are, the deciding factor comes down to price.

But the price tag doesn’t tell you the quality and longevity of the leaves you’re looking to purchase. Sure, the cheaper option may seem more appealing at first, but in the long run, you’ll end up spending more by having to buy bags more frequently.

B&W Quality Growers’ watercress and baby arugula give you the most bang for your buck because of their longer shelf life. The leafy greens are 100% natural, packed without preservatives, and still have a competitive shelf life because they are dried with air tunnels.

Unlike the spin method, air tunnel drying is so gentle, it eliminates almost 100% of post-harvest bruising of the delicate baby leaves. And, because the leaves are dried immediately after a three-rinse wash cycle, the moisture content is lower, which keeps the leaves fresher longer.

Meaning fewer bags you’d have to buy over time.

And if you want to make your leaves last even longer, here are some additional helpful tips:

Eating healthy shouldn’t break the bank, and quality produce shouldn’t come at the expense of your wallet. Use our product locator to find our watercress and baby arugula in a store near you!

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