A Commitment to Foodservice Success

Our commitment to the food service industry has made B&W Quality Growers watercress, arugula, spinach, and ong choy products the #1 choice of fine chefs. As one of the world’s largest growers of healthy, flavorful, distinctive leafy greens for over 150 years, we provide unsurpassed quality and a consistent supply of some of the top trending premium leaves. B&W Quality Growers are specialists in leafy greens with state-of-the-art facilities fully dedicated to uncompromised food safety and quality. Our farming operations span 8 states, allowing us to follow the sun. We grow our premium leaves where they are always in season, at their peak of freshness and flavor, to ensure the inherent goodness of just-picked produce.

There is no one in the world with the depth of experience, range of seasonal farms, and assurance of quality and safety than B&W Quality Growers. We have what your food service menu requires: watercress, arugula, spinach, and ong choy.

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