Big Dog Ranch to the Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a B&W charity partner, held their 11th Annual Bark Bash on December 6 to benefit The Hoffman Family Veteran Dog Training Lodge and The Senior for Seniors Program. Attendees were treated to an evening in Monte Carlo, featuring cars, casino and dogs!

The Hoffman Family Veteran Dog Training Lodge is a 3,400 square-foot structure that will provide a home-like environment where licensed veteran dog trainers will prepare rescue dogs to be service dogs to Veterans with PTSD.

The Seniors for Seniors Program serves as a community resource, matching senior dogs with senior citizens. A large amount of research has been conducted to support that the love of a dog keeps seniors engaged, happy and healthy.

B&W Quality Growers had the opportunity to sponsor and attend this year’s successful event. Our team had a wonderful time learning more about the efforts of Big Dog Ranch Rescue and their constant dedication to giving back. We were thrilled to participate in the fundraising efforts that totaled more than $800,000 to help our four-legged friends in need!

In case you missed out on Miracle’s story, keep reading!

Big Dog Ranch Rescue took action during Hurricane Dorian by being a part of Miracle’s road to recovery. Miracle is currently being cared for under special guidance by Big Dog Ranch Rescue officials. He is learning to walk again, and has put on a little bit of weight after being stuck in an air conditioner unit for 3 weeks. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is hopeful by seeing the sparkle in Miracle’s eye.

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