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Red Watercress

This unique proprietary variety has quickly established a strong following due to its stunning color and special peppery flavor.

Here at B&W Quality Growers, we like to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to baby leaves.

Discovered growing wild in tropical wetlands, a new variety of watercress with natural purplish-red hues is shaking things up and becoming an instant hit with chefs around the country.

Wild Red watercress has a striking color, coupled with a slightly more intense peppery bite that has a pronounced and positive flavor impact when added to a salad, sandwich or entrée.

Wild Red watercress is available from November through April in both food service cello (1.5lbs) and 12-ct traditional bunch packs. All are double washed, air-tunnel dried, and monitored by B&W’s comprehensive food safety and HAACP protocols and oversight.

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