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About Watercress

Watercress is a globally known green, famous for its flavor and roster of nutrients.

Watercress Basics

Watercress is an incredibly popular green and for good reason….It’s the healthiest leafy vegetable on the planet.  Fortified with more than 18 essential vitamins and minerals, watercress is a superfood offering a distinctive taste that stands out from many of the muted flavors other salad greens provide. It’s also one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables in the world, earning perfect score on the ANDI nutrient density scale.

Currently translated into 34 different languages, watercress has been around since ancient times and is celebrated for its health benefits. An aquatic plant known for its vivid green color and unique peppery flavor, watercress has been a part of the human diet for, well, forever. It’s eaten around the world, offers a delightfully delicate crunch to a diverse range of dishes, and helps fight cancer. What’s not to like?

Want to learn more about the health benefits of watercress? Check out our Watercress Nutrition page.

Watercress: A Global Green

As one of the most widely recognized fresh vegetables globally, watercress has a variety of names and its uses in dishes around the world are diverse.

In the United States, we toss it into salads or on sandwiches. The French are noted for delicious thick soup made of potatoes and watercress. The English are responsible for popularizing watercress sandwiches. The Italians add shortcut sprigs of watercress to their minestrone soup, among others. And the Chinese, consuming it the most, have long used watercress sprays in their egg drop and wonton soups.

Watercress is truly a global vegetable – no matter where you travel throughout the world, the peppery green is most likely grown and utilized in the local diet. Here in America, B&W makes watercress available easily, so you can add its wonderfully distinctive flavor to your daily recipe rotation. Need some ideas? Head over to our recipes page.


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